Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Molly's Musings-- Nothin' Much

Hi! It's Molly again.

Can you believe it? No one in the family took a SINGLE picture of me all week. The Soft Lady took this picture of me a couple of weeks and it's still her favorite.

I am like twice this size now.

It was pretty slow around these parts this week. I am doing much better about going outside to go to the bathroom-- I only had one accident all week. 

My favorite person in the world right now is The Agent. I wait for him to lay down on the couch and then I take a running leap so I can curl up next to him. Luckily, he lays on the couch a lot, so I don't have to wait very long. 

It turns out that I am kind of a  sucky watch dog. The neighbors had some maintenance men working in their backyard the other day, and Mama Dog was going crazy! Barking and growling at the fence.... it was really making it hard to get in my 10 am nap. The Soft Lady was actually a little annoyed with ME, of all people! She said I need to learn to be a better guard dog. But seriously, what is there to guard? They were in the NEIGHBOR'S yard, not ours. If they were to step foot into our yard, then they better watch out! Grrr!

The Tall Man has been talking about taking me camping lately. He says it's important to get me socialized at a young age. I'm all for it! I hear there are SQUIRRELS in the mountains! 

Until next time! 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Update-- Ready for Bed!

It's 8:42 pm on Sunday as I write this. By the time I write it and add the pictures and whatnot, it will probably be close to 10.

I want to go to bed NOW.

Friday started out with me going to the school to watch this cutie sing and dance about the importance of going green:

He's so cute.... but then he messed it up throwing rocks at the school window. The start of a lovely weekend. 

On Saturday, we went to BK's baseball game, and that was a fabulous time. His punishment for throwing rocks was that he had to play the outfield. He didn't even care, he just loves the game. And, I know he's only 5, and I'm his mama, but he is INCREDIBLY talented! He caught a ball from center field in the third inning and threw it all the way home. The boy has an arm! 

Always ready.... even in the out field. Can't say as much for Coach Daddy!

After the game, I left The Agent and the kids at home to fend for themselves while I had a GNO. My two girlfriends and I went out to dinner and then to a comedy show. We love comedy shows-- such a great way to de-stress!

On Sunday, Bug had a birthday party, so I used the opportunity to indulge in a treat: 

Peach green tea lemonade-- my favorite summertime treat! 

I didn't buy anything all that exciting-- a bunch of cleaning products, new shoes for BK, groceries for the week-- but I did find three new books to ass to my Amazon wish list: 

Can't wait to start my Summer beach reading!

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

too young?

Bug is 9. Isn't she cute?

She's smart and pretty and witty. She's going to be quite the catch soon.

But for now, she's a drama queen.

"Mom, you HAVE to let me shave my legs!"

"Ummm.... no. The earlier you start shaving, the longer you have to do it for the rest of your life."

"No, Mom. You HAVE to. A cute boy sat by on the bus the other day, and then he saw my hairy legs and he looked at me with DISGUST. I'm wearing pants until you let me shave."

"I'm sure you're exaggerating. Your legs are fine. And you're about to start swimming, the hair will fade from the sun and the chlorine."

Bug didn't answer. Instead, she took my phone and took this picture:

Hmm... she might need to shave.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Molly's Musings-- Livin' the Dream

Hi! It's Molly again.

It was pretty quiet around these parts for the week, and The Soft Lady is all paranoid about her computer, so she's not going to let me play on it for very long. Apparently SOMEBODY--  not mentioning any names-- was chewing on a cord and it made something go haywire. But I hear that The Tall Man is a genius and was able to fix it, so all is right with the world again.

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that it rained, so I got to play in the mud for a bit!

The Soft Lady wasn't very excited to see that, and she threatened to give me yet another bath.

There has been some discussion on whether or not I think I'm human. Let me make one thing abundantly clear. I know I am a dog. I'm thankful I am a dog! All other creatures WISH they were a dog, especially the STINKIN' CATS.

But yes, I admit, I enjoy the finer things in life, namely the sofa. I'm not sure why Mama Dog insists on sleeping on the floor when there is a giant dog bed in the middle of the living room?

What can I say? I'm living the dream.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

weekend update

No weekend update today..... my computer crashed out hard on Sunday and I've had the agent working hard since then to restore everything. It looks like he got my photos back, and that was the most important thing. I lost Microsoft office, and I had to reinstall chrome, which meant I lost all my bookmarks. Bummer, but I can live with it! I probably didn't need most of those websites, anyway!

I'm hoping I can get going again by Wednesday or Thursday... until then, I'll be writing on my kindle, which isn't nearly as effective, so the posts will be short and sweet!

~ the lovely one

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Earth Balance Review

whoo hoo! A weekend post! This never happens!

I'm posting on the weekend to give my review of Earth Balance Spreads, which the folks at Influenster were kind enough to supply for me. Actually, they only gave me a coupon, which meant I had to have the foresight to bring the coupon, go to the store, AND remember to put it in my basket! All very difficult, I must say, and I almost didn't make it!


The first thing I noticed about Earth Balance spreads is that they are vegan-- no animal product whatsoever. I was very nervous to try it out.  Butter without the dairy? Impossible! But it really wasn't that bad. It tasted buttery, but.... not. Maybe it was just in my head, but I didn't love it. I probably wouldn't buy it again. But I will say that buttered the kids' toast with it last weekend and they didn't say it tasted any didn't than normal, so maybe it was all in my head!

Have you ever tried a vegan spread? Let me know what you thought!

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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Where's Ana?

Ugh. It never rains but it pours.

My mother called the other day, in a frantic state. After her hemming and hawing for awhile and a lot of "I don't want to bother you...." I was able to piece together this story.

Due to the poor choices my sister Kari has made in the past, she is 20 years old with two children, ages 2 and 5, with 2 different men, neither of whom she is currently with. Kari and my niece and nephew live with my mother (We have different dads, and Kari's father, like her two baby daddies, is not in the picture).

Kari was doing an ok job taking care of the kids, but relying on my mom heavily for help, and my mom was allowing that to happen. Then Kari got a new boyfriend, and she pretty much stopped taking care of the children. Kari would just sleep the entire time she was at home, and as soon as my mom would come home from work, Kari would leave the kids with my mom and then go off to places unknown.

Finally, my mom had had enough. She's 61 years old-- she doesn't want to have to take care of two babies. So she told Kari she had to move out. Her logic was that if Kari was living on her own, it would force her to take care of the kids.


Maybe not the best decision, in hindsight.

Kari said she moved in with her boyfriend. That was a week ago. But then, my nephew's father, Drew, came to my mother's house.

Kari had dropped my nephew off for a visit and hadn't been back. THAT WAS A WEEK AGO. Holy crap, Kari has gone off the deep end.

"OK, so where's Kari?" I asked. And where's my niece, Ana?

My mother has no idea. Kari's boyfriend lives in a town 30 minutes away from where Kari works and from where Ana goes to preschool, and Kari doesn't have a car. My mother doesn't believe that Kari is staying with the boyfriend.

I told my mother that a more likely scenario is that she's staying with the boyfriend and not going to work.

My mother knows that Kari still must be in town, or at least traveling into town, because each time my mother comes home from work, she sees that Kari has been to the house during the day, picking up her mail and picking up more of her belongings. So she knows that Kari is ok.

But the question still remains-- where is Ana? And why did Kari leave Jacob (my nephew) and not return?


My mother wanted me to find out where Kari was. I live 40 minutes away from all of this drama, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do. But I called Kari and left a message. Then I texted her. Then I went on Facebook, but I saw that she hadn't been on there since January (is Facebook not cool anymore?).

I went on Instagram, and saw that she had posted a photo there just week earlier, so I left a message for her to call me there, too.

That was two days ago. No response.

There are other people I could try to contact-- Jacob's dad, Kari's other half sister, etc.-- but I don't know that I need to do that.    We know that Jacob's ok, we  know that Kari's ok..... we assume that Ana is ok.  Likewise, there are things my mom could do-- go to the preschool to make sure Ana is attending, drive by Ana's job-- but my mother is stubborn. She wants Kari to apologize to her.

Yeah, right. Kari is 20. An apology isn't likely.

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