Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Update

I feel like the weeks are going by way too fast. I'm behind at work, my house is a mess, and my little blog is not getting the attention it needs. When will the madness end? I know, I know.... this is my life, so I need to embrace it!

I had to give a big presentation at work on Friday, singing and dancing and then delivering a serious message in front of about 80 people. I've been working on it for the last couple of weeks, but I must say, I ROCKED IT OUT! There were other people who spoke as well, but I believe my message was the most important part, and I was awesome-in-the-possum. The guy in charge of all of California was there (read: big dog with some serious cheese in his bank account), and he came up to me personally afterwards and told me what a good job I did and how he proud he was. This is before he hopped back on his private jet. Must be nice. But hopefully this means a raise in my future ('cause Lord knows I can't seem to get promoted)!

I had to work late so I could catch up on my actual job (and I'm still so super far behind), and then collapsed into bed before 9. Once again, another exciting night in the Lovely household.

The Agent went fishing on Saturday, so I was lazy with the kids most of the day. Things started ok, with Bug playing with the pottery wheel BFF got her for Christmas:

 But then roughly 3 minutes after this picture was taken, the wheel decided to stop working, and instead of asking me nicely to assist her, Little Miss Diva decided to throw a hissy fit and threatened to throw everything in the trash. Way to be mature, Bug.

I decided we needed to get out of the house, so I dragged them to Wal Mart to buy groceries, and then to JCP, because I felt I deserved a treat, so I made the kids pick out a necklace to buy me (well, not exactly... the kids went out with The Agent last week and bought me a necklace as a surprise, and my clumsy butt broke it the first day. I took it back to the store to get a replacement, but they didn't have any others that looked like the ones the kids gave me, so I had to come clean). This is the new necklace they picked out for me:

Simple and pretty. Love it.

On Sunday, I left the kids at home with The Agent while I went to a wine and paint class with BFF. I am not artistic at all-- I mean not even a little bit. But the instructor gave us step by step instructions and I was pretty happy with the way it came out!

Here's a close up: 

I mean, I know it's just circles, but still! I felt very artistic when I was done!

Meanwhile, The Agent was running boring errands, like getting BK's hair cut. Look at that cutie:

Something about a haircut always makes him look like a little punk!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hey Honey! A review

I subscribe to Ipsy, which gives me a make up bag with 4-5 samples of makeup each month (for $10 a month).  It's usually stuff that I wouldn't normally buy for myself,  but it's all nice, high quality products, so I thought it would be fun to do a review of one of the products every once in awhile, in case you might want to try it out for yourself!

The first product I'm going to review is Hey Honey Exfoliating Mask.

I don't typically buy masks. They just don't hit my must buy list when I'm at the store. That's why I was excited to see this exfoliating mask in my Ipsy bag this month. I locked myself in the bathroom right away to try it out. The instructions were pretty simple: moisturize your face, apply a light layer of the mask to your face, let it sit for 20 minutes, peel it off, reapply the moisturizer. 

Here I am right out of the shower, no make up on:

And here I am, after applying the mask. 

The instructions said to leave it on for 20 minutes, so I used the time to dry my hair. Here's what I looked like 20 minutes later: 

Now it's time to take off the mask. I wish it was a different color so it would be easier to take off. But a few wide open mouth yawns helped break it up a bit. FYI, I look absolutely crazy here: 

And here I am, with the mask off and ready to leave for the day! 

I really liked the feel and the smell of the mask, and my skin felt soft for a full 5 minutes after that. But after that, it was just normal. And I don't really see a huge different in the before and after. Let's see them, side by side: 

So, would I buy it again? Well, yes.... but I can't find anywhere to buy it, other than online. It would be a lot easier if you could buy it at Target or Sephora! 

Final call: B-
Biggest advantage: smells pretty, doesn't irritate my skin
Biggest disadvantage: I can't find it anywhere but online, dries clear so it's hard to see

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 a month.  Check it out here!

(All opinions are mine. I paid for this product. But feel free to send me free stuff and I will review it. Particularly a new Mercedes.)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bachelor: Are you ready to meet some REAL party animals?

Who thinks that Chris is a little bit of a man whore?

Jimmy Kimmel  infiltrated the show this week. It has the honor of presenting the first date card. It's to Kaitlyn and there was a big long message  that I couldn't remember. Chris appears to be as clueless as Kaitlyn about where they're going, and he seems as surprised as she is when they pull up in front of Costco.

I'm such a cheap date. I would have LOVED a date at Costco.

Jimmy Kimmel gives them a massive shopping list and they are forced to go shopping for random items-- enough ketchup to fill a hot tub, anyone?

They go back to Chris's bachelor pad and they made dinner for Jimmy. I love their witty banter-- Chris says that Kaitlyn has a man's laugh and she says that Chris has a little girly laugh.

Jimmy shows up to eat steaks and drink whiskey and he takes joy in asking the hard questions, like "what REALLY goes on in the fantasy suite?"

But they all have a good time, lots of laughing. Kaitlyn gets the rose. They seem to have a lot of chemistry, which surprises me.

The group date has Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Kelsey, Mackenzie, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Nicki, Samantha, and  Carly. Jillian is frightening in her body building fetish.

The girls have to do a crazy obstacle course of farm tasks-- shucking corn, shoveling manure, and drinking goat's milk. Kelsey described it as salty and warm. Amber says "Salty and warm.... not stuff I like in my mouth." Ummm.... that's probably why you're not going to win, Amber.

This show gets dirtier every year. Or maybe it's me.

Carly brought her A game and won the competition. But what did she really win? Not a dang thing. But she still snatched him away and smooched with him. And then Amber, And then Britt. And then it turns out that Chris is kind of a lip whore. Mackenzie calls him out, asking him why is kissing all these other yahoos. Chris says it's because he wants to take a car for a test drive, so to speak.

Becca-- who I didn't even see at all during the date-- gets the rose. Wait? Is she the one who just said she wouldn't kiss him? Oooohh..... that's interesting! The best part of this date was the jaw drop face that Ashley S. gave when Chris gave Becca the rose. I tried to find a picture on google images and couldn't find it. Please tell me that someone else caught that. Just a little proof that just because she doesn't get air time, it doesn't mean she's not crazy.

Whitney has the next one on one date. Chris and Whitney go to a nice winery and have a mini picnic. They have a good talk about what Chris is looking for, and then a wedding just HAPPENS to be going on. Whitney suggests that they crash the wedding and Chris is all for it. They leave, change into fancy clothes, buy a gift, and then go back to the wedding. This is fixed, right? This has to be fixed. All the guests would have to sign release waivers, right? But I don't care, I like it. They have a blast together, and they are so cute. The only thing I don't like about her is her voice.

The next day, Chris and Jimmy decide that a pool party is a lot more fun than a cocktail party, so the girls slut it up and jump in the pool. But Juelia wants to be a Debbie Downer from the beginning and wants to talk about her dead husband's suicide.

Jillian (what in God's name do they need cover up???) hogged up way to much of Chris's time (nevermind that Jade probably had even longer making out on Chris's bed) and Ashley I. started crying about it. Calm down, virgin. Your butt is way hotter than Jillian's (I don't believe for even one second that Ashley I. is actually a virgin).

Rose Ceremony:
Kaitlyn (one on one)
Becca (group)
Whitney (one on one)
Ashley S.
and the final rose goes to...
Ashley I. (It was kind of a mean joke)

So who went home?

Weekend Update

Another weekend!

This week went by so fast! Part of it was because I was on my death bed for the first part of the week. Ugh! So sick!

You would think after not eating for two days and after not drinking for a week, I would have lost some weight. No, not so much.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful.  Friday after work we stayed home and I caught up on the Downton Abbey  episode I missed last week and gave myself a face mask.

I live an exciting life, let me tell you.

On Saturday, it was my stepmother's birthday, so we went to their house for the day. Her favorite gift was what I can only describe as a onesie:

It even has feet. My dad got it for her, and I can only hope he meant it as a joke. But she loved it and said she would wear it every night while watching tv.

Afterwards, the kids went outside and played football with my dad:

I have a feeling that my dad slept very well that night. 

Sunday was spent buying groceries, doing laundry and relaxing in front of the TV. The weekend went by way too fast and I'm already back at work! The Agent and the kids are home today for the holiday, but there's no rest for this wicked girl. 

Have yourself a great week! 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bachelor Chris: 'Til Death Do Us Part

Please forgive the delay... I was too busy throwing up last night and I couldn't watch The Bachelor. But I'm here now for your recap!

The Bachelor drama starts right away, when Kimberly, who was eliminated at the first rose ceremony, came back and asked for another chance. She never had a chance to chat with Chris, so she wants a chance to  get to know him. Chris allows her to stay. This is his show with his rules, and what he says goes! At the same time, I don't like the message this sends. Now every other girl is going to say, "Oh Chris! Don't make me leave! Let me get to know you better!"

Oh, man! The first date is a mini group date with 6 girls, and since I wasn't expecting that, I didn't catch who the six girls were, except one is shouldn't-be-there Kimberly.

The date started off with a pool party, and then the girls are forced to walk the streets of LA in their bikinis. They have a tractor race in the streets of downtown LA.

What's the big deal? I walk around in my bikini all the time
(Meanwhile, two girls who were left at the mansion sneak out and raid Chris's bachelor pad. I know nothing about these girls, other than that one of them wore a bikini bottom that was so revealing that it had to be blacked out-- the front AND the back. There's something to be proud of.)

The tractors are.... slow. Ashley I. won the race, and her prize is that she gets some extra one on one time. This is lame. Let's get back to some drama.

Juelia, back at the mansion, reveals that she has a daughter, and she was married to the baby's father, but he took his life. Oh, so sad. Poor thing.

Chris says he would like to finish the date with just one girl: and he picks Mackenzie. I totally dig her. She's a sweet girl, a total girl next door. And this was a smart move on Chris's part, since she's shy, so she wasn't really putting herself out there, so Chris took her on a date to get to know her better. I like this move a lot. The dates should be used for the girls you're unsure about, not for the girls you know you already like.

Mackenzie wore a super cute, not-too-sexy dress. She also kind of weirds him out when she says she likes guys with noses ("and your nose is perfect!") and she asks if he believes in aliens. She also reveals that she has a son. Chris handled it well, and he gives her a rose.

(She says that Chris kissed her, but I didn't actually see that. Is she lying, or am I just not paying attention?)

Megan gets the one on one date. Bless her heart, she thinks it's just a cute little love note, she doesn't get that it's a date. Wax your pits and get your nicest dress ready, Girl! Chris is taking you out!

A date! Well, slap my face and call me Megan!

Chris take Megan on a plane.... and I'm noticing that Chris is a very hands-on guy. His hand is on Megan's thigh the whole time.

(Did I ever tell you about the time I was at dinner with my dad and my boyfriend and I thought I was squeezing my boyfriend's thigh but I was really squeezing my dad's? And it took me like 5 minutes to realize what I doing? Yes, I am THAT dumb.)

From the plane, Chris and Megan get into a helicopter and fly over the grand canyon, where they land and have a picnic. So very cool.

Megan has a sad story: 3 days after she went to LA for her Bachelor audition, her dad died unexpectedly. Apparently, Chris finds that hot, and he kisses her. Dang, Chris! For such a shy guy, he kisses a lot of girls!

Now there's another group date: Kelsey, Trina, Alyssa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia,  Kaitlyn, and Britt. The date card says "'Til Death Do Us Part" and it's hilarious! These girls are such sissy la las! Zombies attack the limos!

(Oh, Bummer. BK has had the stomach flu and has been asleep on the couch. He woke up just in time to see the zombies attacks. "Are those real monsters, Mommy?" Thanks for nightmare, ABC.) 

Some girls handled it better than others.

But this is an awesome date. They're playing zombie paintball, and although I don't claim to have any kind of talent at paintball, I could totally have fun with this.

Ashley S. appears to have trouble holding her liquor. Or maybe she took too many crazy pills.  Can't shoot zombies that way! And please, Lord in Heaven, do not give her a weapon on any sort! Even Chris noticed her craziness!

Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm crazy

He told her to go home and get some sleep, and he would have some one on one time with her tomorrow. She better have a good story-- like she broke her foot and she's high on Vicodin or something.

Chris has some one on one time with Britt and he gave her a secret love note! Love it!

Kaitlyn gets the rose on the group date. Wasn't she the one who told the bad dirty joke the week before? And now he has a great connection with her? Ugh! This might have been his first bad decision.

Now for the final cocktail party. Whitney created a little mini date: She got him a bottle of his favorite whiskey, and they enjoyed a toast together.

Ashley I. admitted she was a virgin. I kind of find this hard to believe. She makes him rub her belly button ring and totally makes out hot and heavy with him, but she's never had a boyfriend? I call BS.

Mackenzie straightened her hair and she went from good girl to totally hot girl! Love it!

Britt has classic first impression rose syndrome and is already tearing up, because she feels so strongly for him, and he's giving attention to (A LOT of) other girls.

Jordan has had WAY too many drinks. Girls who can't hold their liquor need to get sent home. Immediately.

Rose Ceremony:
Mackenzie (mini group)
Megan (one on one)
Kaitlyn (big group)
Ashley I.
Juelia..... except Jillian thought he said her name and then slipped on the rug when she realized her mistake
Jillian.... for real this time
And the final rose goes to....
Ashley S. (please fix your drug problem)

So, who went home?

The Country Girl
The Second Chance
The drunk
The Flight Attendant
Not memorable enough for me to have a name for

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend update

Ugh. What a hard weekend. Hold me. 

Our problems started Thursday night. We had baseball registration for BK so we grabbed a quick fast food dinner beforehand. Bug wasn't really eating. "My stomach hurts," she said. 

Still, she seemed fine at the baseball registration, running around and playing with the other kids there. I figured she was fine. She went to bed without incident. 

At 10 pm, just as I was going to bed, she started throwing up. And didn't stop until 2:30 am. Ugh.

When Bug woke up on Friday, she was still feeling really bad, but at least she wasn't throwing up anymore. She was having some bathroom issues ("Mommy, my butt is throwing up!"), and she still had a fever. The sad thing was that she had an oral report to give on Friday, so she HAD to go to school. The Agent was going to the school to watch her report, so I told Bug to volunteer to go first and then Dad would  take her home. 

That is what happened. Bummer, because I don't think she did very well on her report, but really? She's only in third grade. I think she'll still get in to college. 

The Agent was able to work from home, so I was able to stay at my office (and dealt with BK's drama at school. He's in trouble. Again. I will try write about his issues later this week). I picked up BK, put both kids to bed, and then we had a quiet evening at home. 

On Saturday, I made BK do chores:  

and then we went to the bank and opened accounts for both kids.  We've been giving Bug an allowance for the last year, and I want to start giving one to BK, but I never have cash and I forget half the time. I figured it would be so much easier if we could just transfer the money from our account to theirs each month. 

Bug was also allowed to take some of her money and buy a toy (she bought some outfits that would  fit her American Girl doll), and since I can't go to Target without spending money, I bought a spicy shelf. Have you seen these? I thought I would be able to use it to organize my spice rack: 

I must say, I was pretty disappointed. It isn't much better: 

Saturday night was also pretty uneventful. Bug still wasn't feeling that great, and BK was still in trouble, so they both went to bed early and The Agent settled in to watch a movie-- some crazy foreign movie with subtitles that required me to use more brain power than I have. Just as I going to bed, The Agent said, "I don't feel good. I think I'm  going to be sick."

And get sick he did. All night. 

On Sunday, The Agent still looked like death and was still running a fever, so I let him sleep while I took the kids to Costco and to buy groceries for the week. Probably for the best-- I always spend less  when The Agent stays home! 

We got home in the afternoon just as The Agent was waking up. BK went down for a nap while Bug and The Agent cuddled up to watch a movie. They're still watching it now as I type this, and I'm saying a prayer that BK and I escaped the crazy cooties that Bug and The Agent brought home! 

Hope your weekend was fabulous! 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Financial Faux Pas

(This is a little vague. Sorry. I'm mostly just venting.)

We made a bit of a financial faux pas recently.

Actually, it wasn't recently, it was almost three years ago, but we're just finding out about it now, and our otherwise stellar credit score took an ugly hit.

I didn't get mad when I found out. I mean, what's done is done. There's nothing we can do about it. There were no accusations, no I-told-you-so's.

At least not out loud.

But I DID tell him. I told I didn't want this come back to bite us later, and he said he was sure it wouldn't. He said he had done his research, he was absolutely positive that this was the way to go. So I trusted him, and we did it.

And we got bit.

I know The Agent is already really upset about this, so my two cents aren't needed at this time. And nothing has really changed, except I was hoping to buy a new car next year and I think that will have to be put off for another year. We still have good jobs. The house is still on track to be paid off by the end of the year. But now we have to build up our credit score again, and the only way I know to do that is to have credit, something we're not used to having.

If you know of another way, I'd love to hear it. But the only way I know, and this was confirmed by our financial advisor, is to get 2 credit cards, and use them. And it's not enough to use them and then pay them off right away (that's what we were doing before, and it didn't help at all). We have to use them, but not pay the full amount. We have to leave like $10 on there each month. And we can never max them out, we have to keep them within 75% of the limit.


So, we decided to get a joint credit card, so we'll each have one, and I'll put all my gas fill ups on the card, and he'll put on every time we go out to eat. And when we pay it, we'll pay all but $10. The Agent wanted to leave $100 balance on there, but it drives me crazy to pay that much interest. If it was up to me, we'd only leave $1.

If we do this, hopefully our credit score will be back to what it was by the end of the year. So, we'll be debt free and have a great credit score. Go us.

Do you keep track of your credit score? How long does it take to raise it up again?

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