Friday, August 29, 2014

If You're a Book Worm...

Found this on Jill's World!  I actually think I've done it before, but my answers may have changed! 

Author you read the most books from: ummm.... probably Stephen  King. I used to read all of his books when I was in high school and college. 

Best Sequel ever: Hmmmm.... Not sure that this was the best sequel ever, but I recently finished reading The Driven series, by K. Bromberg. The first book, Driven, was only ok. I struggled to get through it, really. But the second book, Fueled, was much better! Overall, it's a pretty good series-- a little naughty, but not as naughty as 50 Shades. 

Currently Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I'm about halfway through.... who killed that poor family???? 

Drink of choice while reading: I'm not a big drinker when I'm reading. Maybe coffee? 

E-reader or Physical book: e-reader. I held out for a long time, thinking I wouldn't like it. How could it take the place of actually turning the pages? But my husband got me one, and I was hooked! I actually have two now--one for inside and one for outside. 

Fictional character you would have actually dated in high school:  Did you read Warm Bodies? It's a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but the Juliet is a girl and the Romeo is a zombie. That's the type of guy I would go for-- a misunderstood misfit. 

Glad you gave this book a chance: The Thoughtless Series, by SC Stephens. I would have said I would have dated this boy in high school, but a hot rock singer would have never noticed me in high school! 

Hidden gem book: Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson. Really really good.

Important moment in your reading life: 2nd grade. My teacher read Ribsy by Beverly Cleary aloud to the class. I immediately went to the library and checked out every Beverly Cleary book I could get my hands on. That's when I truly became a reader. 

Just finished: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher. I had heard it was going to be really good, but it was only ok. 

Kinds of books you won't read: Techie type books, like "How to Build a Rocket in your Basement in Three Easy Steps."

Longest book you've read: Moby Dick.... at least, it felt like the longest book ever!

Major book hangover because of: Probably The Hunger Games series. I love me some Peeta. Or The Twilight Series. Don't judge me.  

Number of bookcases you own: I own one actual bookcase. The children have another bookcase with their books. I have two night stands in my master bedroom, and they have shelves filled with books. But I probably have more books in my Kindle than on any of those shelves.

One book you've read multiple times: I don't re-read books now, but I used to when I was younger. I would read the The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder each summer because it was so hot and it made me feel better when I was reading about blizzards and how cold everyone was out on the prairie. 

Preferred place to read: In bed

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you've read:  I wouldn't say this inspires me, but I've always liked this quote from Shakespeare: “No sooner met but they looked; no sooner looked but they loved; no sooner loved but they sighed; no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy; and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage...”

Reading regret: I don't really regret anything I've read, but I disliked Labor Day, by Joyce Maynard. I had heard such good things, and I was disappointed. I thought the main female character was weak and unbelieveable. I just wasn't feeling her. 

Series you started and need to finish (all books are out in series): I need to finish The Selection series, by Kiera Cass. I still need to read The One. 

Three of your all time favorite books: Oh, this is way too difficult. I'll go with the first three I can think of that I really like: The Shining, by Stephen King; The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green; and The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. I'm sure there are better ones than those that I've read, but those were the first ones that came in to my head.

Unapologetic fan-girl for: The Hunger Games. Love that series! 

Very excited for this release more than all the others: I know the sequel to The 5th Wave comes out next month.... I'll probably get that.  And Stephen King has a book coming out in November. 

Worst bookish habit: I don't necessarily think this is a bad habit, but whenever there's a movie coming out and I know there's a book already out, I always try to read the book first. It's why I read Water for Elephants. And Life of Pi. And Warm Bodies. And Gone Girl.

X marks the spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book: The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks

Your latest book purchase: The one I'm reading now-- Dark Places.

ZZZ snatcher book (the book that kept you up WAY late): This is every book, once I get in to them! I have to find out what happens next! 

Feel free to steal this and do it yourself if you’re a book lover! :)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Icelandic Vacation

My BFF is on vacation right now.

By herself.

In Iceland.

And she was completely sober when she booked the trip.

I can't imagine a scenario where I would wake up and say, "I think I'll go to Iceland on vacation this summer."

Now, I admit, she's posting some gorgeous pics on her Facebook feed. But seriously, Iceland? And alone?  And I'm talking completely alone, no one there to greet her at the airport or to have dinner with her while she's there or anything.

And it's a LONG vacation, too! Over 2 weeks! She took a 10 day excursion on horseback, and now she's taking a couple of volcano tours (It turns out that her timing is awesome-- one is really active right now). I can't wait until she posts the volcano pics!

She's so brave. She wanted to go to Iceland, no one wanted to go with her (because really, who would?), so she just went on her own. I would NEVER be able to do that.

Would you? Would you be able to go on vacation to a foreign country, completely on you own?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

weekend update

Sorry, this is supposed to post at 6 am on Monday, but that just wasn't in the cards.

The week was good, uneventful. Friday after work, I had to go to the school for some silly meeting. It was actually refreshing-- this was the first time in the first three weeks of school that BK wasn't in some kind of trouble. Apparently, some girl came up to him and randomly hit him. The teacher witnessed the whole thing and told me that it was completely unprovoked, BK didn't do anything wrong. But the really great thing was that once he got hit, he didn't hit back (he was hit last week by another girl--or maybe the same girl-- and he hit her back). He's learning! Yea! We celebrated by eating pizza and watching a movie.

Saturday was busy. We went out to breakfast at a place out on the water (terrible food, and only ok bloody mary. We will not be back).

After breakfast, Bug was originally supposed to go to a birthday party, but she had heard that the birthday boy "liked" her ("not just likes me, but LIKES me likes me."), and she fully refused to go after that ("I don't want to send the wrong message"). OK by me! So she stayed home with me and we scrubbed the house from top to bottom. That pretty much took most of the day. And I say after every all-day cleaning session: I really need a cleaning service.

Bug had a date to see another play with her BFF (David) in the late afternoon, and his family was coming over for dinner after the play, so I used the next couple of hours to relax. BK and I took a nap while The Agent went to the store to buy stuff to grill. BK and I woke up just in time to greet our guests.

Here's the thing about our dinner guests. Bug and David have been best friends since kindergarten. We figured if the kids are going to continue being friends, we better get to know the family a bit.

(Strangely enough, no one ever teases Bug about how David may or may not "like" her.)

It was a nice dinner. The family was friendly and polite, and the kids played great together. They didn't drink, but that didn't stop them from being fun.

After dinner, we lit up the outdoor fire pit and the kids made s'mores.

Photo: S'more time with Lisa Schreiber.  Thanks for the excellent dinner Lisa and Mike.
This is how children act when you give them sugar

So, it was a nice evening, and we would definitely ask them over again.

On Sunday, we did of ton of boring errands: returned library books, went to Justice for some over priced shorts for Bug, went to Wal Mart for groceries, blah blah blah. We really wanted to go to the pool, but didn't happen. Too bad, because the pool closes next weekend and we didn't go nearly as often as we did last year.

There's my wrap up! What did you do this weekend?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Two Thirds Hazel posted part three of her Blogmopolitan Quiz (like a month ago), and I thought I'd play along! 

See my last Blogmopolitan Quiz here

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ugh. Girls.

In case you were thinking that BK was my only problem child, Bug has her share of problems, too. She doesn't get in to trouble much anymore, but she's definitely not short on drama.

Here is the story, told to me by Bug, so there are perhaps a few embellishments...

 Every Wednesday is a minimum day at school, but since I still pick the kids up at the same time, it just means that they have a longer day in the after school program. So every Wednesday, the after school program has enrichments that the kids sign up for: cooking, drama, sports, etc.

So last Wednesday, Tony, her very good friend (and maybe more), told Bug that he was going to pick dance as his enrichment, and he wanted Bug to sign up, too. That was fine with her, so she signed up. But then when she got to the dance class, Tony spent all his time talking to and dancing with another girl, Callie. The nerve of him!

Bug tried to be diplomatic, and said, "We're all friends, let's all dance together," but Tony and Callie were connected at the hip, with no room for a third party. Bug ran off to the bathroom to cry.

[Bug maintains that no one saw her cry, but BK told me that day as soon he came home, "Bug was crying today." I told Bug that it's safe to assume that if a kindergartner knows you were crying, the whole school knows, but Bug insists that BK only knew because he's her brother and he knows her better than anyone. Sweetness.] 

When Bug was done crying, she rejoined the dance class, but her heart wasn't in it, and mostly spent the whole time pouting.

Another friend (and maybe more) of hers, David, entered the room, saw that Bug was pouting by herself, and sat by her and started talking to her. So Callie (the future homewrecker!) called out, "Oh, David! Come dance with us!" And David said something to the effect of no, I'm cool right here next to Bug. So Callie got a little pouty herself and said something like, "whose side are you on, anyway?"

David, ever the loyalist, said, "I don't know what happened, but Bug is upset, so I guess I'm on Bug's side."

Callie got upset, and ran into the bathroom to do her own crying. Bug followed her, and found Callie locked in a stall.

"Callie, c'mon out," Bug called.

"No! I have no friends! My life is OVER!" Callie cried.

"You're being silly. We're all friends. Come out."

Callie cautiously came out, tears still running down her face.

"Wow," Bug said. "You're really brave. I was just in here crying, and I refused to come out until I was done. You're much braver than I am. And isn't it silly that we're both crying over boys? You know what my mom always says? Girls rule and Boys drool!"

Callie laughed at that, the two girls hugged it out, and then ran back to inform both Tony and David exactly how much they drool.

Ugh. Girls.

Bug and her two friends (and maybe more) the end of year swim party. They are the same age. Bug is freakishly tall.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ugh. Boys.

Ugh. BK is having a tough time in kindergarten.

I received a phone call from the teacher on Thursday, asking if I could meet with her on Friday after work. Great. Way to go, BK. It's only the second week, and we're already getting called in by the teacher.

So, I met with the teacher. She's a very nice lady. So tiny! She could fit in my pocket. But this is the story she told me. A boy who sits near BK had received a blue m&m for doing something well during the day, and it was on his desk. The boy got up to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, the m&m was gone.

What happened to the m&m? The whole class got involved in looking for it. Did it roll on to the floor? Under the table? Did somebody take it?

Everyone in the class denied having anything to do with the missing m&m. And then the teacher asked BK, "Do you know anything about the missing m&m?"

BK looked at the teacher, and with a bit a chocolate in the corner of his mouth and blue coloring on his cheek, said, "no."

"BK," the teacher said, "Did you take the m&m?"


BK was told to sit outside on the bench while he thought about it, to see if maybe he could remember something. His answer was still no. He had to talk to another teacher, then the vice principal, and then the REAL principal. "Did you take the m&m?"


And no one even handed him a mirror so he could wipe the evidence off his face.

Finally, an hour and a half later, BK admitted that he had taken the m&m, and he had to sit out of recess as punishment. The teacher wanted me to know, not because she wanted me to give him another punishment (really, having to talk to all those people was probably punishment enough), but because the kid is so freakin' stubborn and strong willed that he wasted 90 minutes, when he could have been learning.

And he needs all the help he can get. Everyone in the class was given a piece of paper with their name on it, and they were told to trace and color their names.

This is BK's:

The black crayon is his.... I doctored it some

I KNOW he can trace. I KNOW he can color. He just couldn't be bothered.

I asked the teacher if she could print out another page and give it to him, and he can work on it at home. I want him to learn that if he doesn't do something right the first time, he's just going to to have to do it again, and it will take even longer.

Ugh. Boys.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

weekend update

My weeks are going by so fast and my weekends are so packed that I don't even feel like I have time to rest! The week was pretty good-- went to the gym every morning (M-F), but I was PMS-ing like crazy and eating every carb  I could get my hands on, so I still didn't lose weight. Oh well.

On Friday night, The Agent took Bug camping. I couldn't go because I had an appointment on Saturday and BK couldn't go because he had gotten in trouble during the week (whole other drama that deserves its own post-- I'll try to write about it tomorrow). So while The Agent and Bug were out on the the boat and swimming in the lake, and I had to meet with BK's teacher. Bleck!

After that nastiness was out of the way, BK and I had dinner and then I decided that we were going to clean out the play room, since it was a straight disaster. We were in there for maybe 5 minutes and then BK said, "I'm pretty tired." I thought he was just trying to get out of cleaning up, so I said, "Well, if you're tired, you can go to bed if you want." He went right to bed and was asleep within 2 minutes! It wasn't even 7 pm! Poor Baby, kindergarten has been a hard transition for him.

On Saturday, BK and I got up to go to our appointment: Saturday School. At our charter school, part of the requirement is to attend two Saturday schools a year. The first Saturday school is always like a back to school session, where the parents go to the classrooms and hear from the teachers about what's in store for the year. The kids are supposed to go too, but they're not allowed in the classrooms, they have to play outside and get in to trouble while the parents and teachers are inside, so there's really no point in the kds going. So Bug ditched and I left BK crying while I went to my two class meetings.

After Saturday school, we got to join The Agent and Bug at the campground. Can I just say how much I REALLY didn't want to go? Sheesh. We had never gone camping there before, but I knew the area. It was hot and dry and dusty, with no shade. I wasn't looking forward to it. But the kids had fun and there was plenty of alcohol to help me through it, so I was able to persevere. Plus, how can it be a bad weekend when you see how much fun this little miss is having:

On Sunday morning, after breakfast and another swim in the lake and one more boat ride, Bug and I came home and did our weekly grocery shopping, with The Agent and BK following in the trailer a couple hours later.  By 5 pm, both kids were tired and grumpy, I was hot and sunburned, and The Agent was asleep on the couch! Ah, such is the ending to most of our busy weekends!

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