Monday, July 6, 2015

The Bachelorette-- Will The Truth Set Her Free?

This is going to be THE night! Let's get to it!

The first date goes to Ben: Let's make today unforgettable.

They get in a row boat, and row to a private island where they play a game of hide and seek. They have serious and deep conversations, mixed in with the fun and silliness. He says that he fears that he is unlovable.

Oh, Ben. You're campaigning for The Bachelor now, aren't you? I don't even care, I love him.

He says he's falling in love with her, and she says she's falling in love with him. Swoon. But then, she blows it. He says he is excited about the overnights, not about the physical portion, but just at the thought of spending all night talking off camera. And then her response is:

"Are you a virgin?"

Seriously? Are you that messed up in the head that if a guy respects you enough to want to just talk to you, you think he must be a virgin? Crazy!

The group date has Shawn, Nick and Joe: "Let's let our love run amuck." Kaitlyn took Shawn off by himself first. Kaitlyn feels like she needs to tell Shawn that she had sex with Nick, probably because she knows it's inevitable that Shawn is going to watch her exploits on TV. But before she could spill her guts, Nick came along to interrupt. Their time was uneventful. Do they have anything in common other than their lips?

Joe has the next one on one time. He's so romantic. He says he can kiss her, and only her, for the next 60 years and be completely happy. He's sweet and cute and looks like a good kisser, but you can tell that Kaitlyn's not feeling it. She says that she's not in the same place as him, but she's not ready to let him go.


But then maybe she is. She hugged him goodbye and walked away. Poor Joe.

Kaitlyn goes back to Nick and Shawn, and says that she's not ready to give out a rose. She sends Nick back to the hotel, saying she'll see him at the rose ceremony, but tells Shawn that there's more that wants to discuss with him, so she'll see him that night.

Shawn is doing cartwheels in his head. Little does he know what Kaitlyn wants to talk about!

I will say this: Kaitlyn is doing the right thing by telling Shawn what happened.

Shawn is crushed. He says he needs a minute and then goes to hide in the bathroom.

He comes out some time later, visibly changed. He's glad that he told her, he says she knows how he feels about Nick and she knows how he feels about her.

He's mad, but he says she's worth fighting for.

I call BS. She is not worth it. You can do so much better, Shawn!

brokenhearted again

Now he has to go back to the hotel, where he wants to beat down Nick, but he keeps his cool and keeps their conversation private.

Nick doesn't know that Shawn knows, and I think that puts Shawn at an advantage.

Chris Harrison makes an appearance, and says that Kaitlyn doesn't need a cocktail party. It's go time.

Jared is nervous because it's been so long since he's seen her. Nick is nervous because he's realizing that all they have in common is the sex. Shawn is nervous because he doesn't want to stick around if he's not the one.

It seems that cutie Ben is the only one who's not nervous.

Shawn.... but he says he needs to talk to her. He says that he doesn't understand why she would jeopardize  their relationship when she has told him that he was the one.

Kaitlyn says it was wrong to tell Shawn that he was the one. She's exploring other relationships, because  once this is over, she will be done exploring relationships forever. She says he has to trust her.

OK, back to the rose ceremony.


These are the three guys who are going on the overnights.... and Jared is going home. And even at the end, Jared offers Kaitlyn his jacket. And Kaitlyn cries more than she ever has over sending a guy home.

But there's no time for tears!  The overnights are here, in the romantic setting of... Ireland. Again. Seriously, is this a budget  year for The Bachelorette? They couldn't spring to send the guys to couple of other places?

Nick has the first overnight date. They hang out and drink in a bar and chat with some old Irish dudes. And then have dinner at an old abandoned prison, and Nick promptly throws Shawn under the bus, saying that Shawn is bragging that he's Eskimo  brothers with someone because they both had sex with the same girl on the same night.

There's a name for that? Eskimo brothers? Really? Gross. And why you gotta throw Shawn under the bus like that?

It's time for the overnight part of the date, and it's in one of the jail cells. I was laughing my butt off, until Kaitlyn says it's just a joke.

Bummer. It would have been awesome if that was the real fantasy suite!

The fantasy date is uneventful.... apparently, they didn't have sex again. But Shawn is still trippin', and he chugs on down to Nick's hotel room to have it out, and they argue like four year old boys.

To be continued!

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Weekend update-- Happy 4th!

Look at my little miss:

She's been waiting two years for her hair to be long enough to donate again. Finally, she had enough. 

11 inches, gone! I was worried that she would regret her decision, but she's totally happy with it! Thank the Lord! I just hope she still loves it when school starts next month! If any of those little punk 4th graders  say anything bad about it, I will have to get all mama bear on them!

Sigh. I remember what it was like to be 9. Not the best time. 

On Saturday, Bug made a cake:

It was red, white, and blue inside! 

In the evening, we went to my parents house for dinner and fireworks. 

I spent a lot of time playing with my camera, playing with the settings to get the best shots: 

I'm still working on it. But we did get a few fun shots of the kids playing with the sparklers:

Hope you all had a happy 4th! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BK's story

(This is a repost of BK's story. I received the phone call on June 29, 2009.) 

It was a Monday, and it started out like any other day. I was at my office, and I was thinking about The Agent, so I sent him a text: “Just thinking about how much I love you.” After I hit send, I instantly received a voicemail message. Somebody had called right when I was sending the text, so it went straight to voicemail.

The call was from our social worker, and she asked me to call her right away. Weird. We hadn’t heard from her in like three months. I called her back, and she told me the news. A baby boy, born two weeks ago, ours if we want him. Oh, Sweet Jesus. I can’t breath.

Our first picture. Yes, that would be a perma-grin on my face.

We met Baby 19 (who didn't even have a name yet) the next day. He was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. He had fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. So very very tiny.

We were told that Baby 19's birth mother had walked into the hospital two weeks ago, saying that she was pregnant and that she had never had any pre-natal care, but she was in labor, and would like to safely surrender the baby. She gave birth to a 6 pound, 1 ounce baby boy. Her situation was discussed extensively with a case worker, but she was very clear in her intentions: she was not able to raise this baby, and she wanted him to go to a good home.

The woman was discharged, Baby 19 remained at the hospital. The case worker told the woman that she had two weeks to change her mind and come forward, but she would need her hospital id bracelet in order to claim the baby.

The woman walked out, leaving the bracelet behind.

Because of our failed first attempt at adopting, I had told our social worker not to contact us again unless it was a sure thing, so our social worker had waited the two-week long waiting period before calling us.

Bug holding BK for the first time

We brought Baby 19-- now BK-- home two days later.

Please everyone, say a prayer now, thanking God for His ultimate wisdom. There is a reason for everything. This is it.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Bachelorette--- Luck O the Irish

When we last left Kaitlyn, Shawn was freaking out on her. He is straight up in love with her.

America loves you, Shawn. Quit your trippin'.

Country Joe and uptight JJ are on the 2 on 1 date. The date is typically awkward, mostly because these are two completely different guys. We haven't heard a lot from Joe, and we've heard a little too much from JJ.

Notice that JJ has his arm around Kaitlyn, and Joe has a scowl on his face.

Joe has the first bit of the date, He speaks from the heart, and says he is falling in love with her.

I am smitten with that country boy.

JJ takes a bit of a different approach. He admitted that three years ago he cheated on his wife, which ultimately destroyed his marriage. She kisses JJ, but the kisses aren't quite as steamy as they were with Joe. Is she already starting to distance herself? Is she grossed out that he cheated on his wife?

Guess so. She sent JJ home. She kept Joe, but doesn't give him the rose. She needs more time with him. So JJ is left on the beach, while Joe and Kaitlyn go make out somewhere. He must have gotten the rose at some point, but I missed it.

Meanwhile, Shawn is still freaking out. He needs to talk to Kaitlyn, AGAIN.

Kaitlyn reassures Shawn AGAIN. It seems that Shawn and Kaitlyn and her own one on one time. What exactly went down? We're not really sure, but apparently Kaitlyn told Shawn he was THE ONE. Kaitlyn is honest with Shawn and said that perhaps it was a mistake to say that, because she has serious relationships with like 6 of the guys.


At the rose ceremony, Ben H. stole my heart when he was speaking to Kaitlyn. He said if he's not the one, then let him go.

I am smitten. He's going to stay.

Nick also has some time with Kaitlyn, when she has to ask Nick to keep their night of passion on the DL (news flash: perhaps she should have had this conversation BEFORE the did the walk of shame the next morning). He said he never said their night was romantic, or passionate, or intimate (LIES!). They end up making out.

Rose Ceremony:
Nick (one on one)
Jared (group date)
Joe (two on one)
Ben H. 

This means that Tanner and Ben Z. are going home. I'm sure no one was surprised to see Tanner go, not even Tanner himself. But Ben Z. was a bit of a shock. I would have sent Chris the dentist home first. Oh well. Next week, I'm sure.

I wouldn't mind seeing Ben Z. as the next Bachelor.

Kaitlyn and the guys are now taking a road trip to Killarney, Ireland. Most of the guys are in a bus, but Kaitlyn takes Jared on a roadtrip date together. They don't really do anything exciting, she doesn't give him a rose, but they do kiss the Blarney stone together:

this is not how I imagined it would be. 

Kaitlyn is such a basket case that Harrison has to break in, He says that she has to let three guys go, and narrow it down to three. Then, instead of going to hometowns, she'll have her intimate overnight dates. That way, she'll have "off camera" time with all of the guys before she meets the families.

Kaitlyn agrees. This makes sense to her.

The first One on one is with Chris. They take a helicopter to the edge of a cliff and they have a picnic. But it doesn't go well. Kaitlyn says that her heart is elsewhere. She says he's the perfect guy, but she's not feeling it. Peace out, Chris.

Chris cries like a little B. Kaitlyn goes back to the helicopter and flies away. Chris is left to jump off the cliff. He seriously freaks out.

And.... SCENE.

What do you think? Who is she going to pick anyone at the end? And will he stay with her after he finds out what she did with Nick?

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Weekend Update-- Bikes and Legos and Paint

Dude. This happened over the weekend:


I hope you'll be able to see it, but if not, it's Bug riding her bike. She FINALLY figured out how to ride a bike without training wheels. Let me tell you, it was not easy. I told her she was going to be the only girl in the 4th grade who couldn't ride a bike. I told her that BK would likely learn to ride a bike before her. She didn't care. She sat in the parking lot and cried until The Agent basically had to threaten punishments if she didn't try. So she finally tried, with her screaming her fool head off the whole time.... until something finally clicked. And then she got it.

She actually fell twice, but never too bad, and she got right back up again. My little girl is growing up! Now she says she wants to do a triathalon. Sheesh. Baby steps.

Next task: teach BK to ride a bike! That might have to wait a bit.

We also booked out vacation this weekend! We are going here:

Whoo hoo! We were going to go to Disneyland, since BK has never been there before, but when we asked the kids where they'd rather go, they both said Legoland! Sweet! It's way cheaper and we'll get to go to San Diego! This isn't for a couple of months yet-- plenty of time to get excited... and hopefully time to lose 5 (or 10 or 30 or 53) pounds!

Finally, on Sunday, I went to Paint Nite with my girlfriend:

I am incredibly talented.

If you have a paint nite near you (and they're everywhere), you should definitely give it a shot. I don't claim to be a great artist, but I AM a great listener, and if you follow the instructions step by step, you WILL have a decent piece of art at the end of the night. My favorite part is seeing everyone else's painting, and comparing how we all interpreted the same instructions.

I brought the painting home and Bug went CRAZY over it. I knew it was too feminine for The Agent's taste, so I asked Bug if she'd like it hung in her room. She was so excited! Score one for Mom!

What did you do this weekend?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Bachelorette-- The Naughty Vixen

Sorry for the delay, but at least I have sassy hair now!

First, we go back to Ian, who was throwing a little hissy fit. Kaitlyn is rightly offended. Ian goes home. He doesn't even say goodbye to the other guys, he just peaced out.

And then he has the NERVE to say he's going to be the next bachelor.... and he needs to go have some sex.

What a winner.

And who comes to save Kaitlyn? Nick. The schmoozer.

He makes Kaitlyn feel better.... and he's going to make her feel even better soon!

Poor Shawn, who really seems to dig on her, is visibly upset when he sees her making out with Nick. Poor little lamb.... I could make him feel better!

And  with that, the rose ceremony begins:

Ben H. (one on one last week)

Nick (group date last week)
Shawn (one on one last week)



Ben Z. 

And before she reads the last name, they cut to a couple guys I've never even seen before. Seriously, who is the guy with big lips?


So Big Lips and the guy with the bad hair cut join Ian on the plane ride back home.

Kaitlyn and the guys are off to Ireland now!

The first one on one date is with Nick. He has 10 minutes to get ready and then they're off! They have a nice little walk around the park, and Nick has a chance to tease her about her odd fear of birds, and they try river dancing.

It's a nice date, they have fun together, they're able to talk together, and there's obvious chemistry.

They have a beautiful dinner, and lots of smootches. And then this happens:

That naughty little vixen took Nick back to her hotel! She says "whatever happens, happens."

Oh, we ALL know what happens!

Kaitlyn is super nervous that Nick will tell all the guys that they did the nasty, but he didn't throw her under the bus. Sure, he bragged, and he's obviously wearing the same clothes from yesterday, but he respected her enough not to kiss and tell.

Back at the hotel, Kaitlyn is having a nervous breakdown. That's what you get.

The group date has Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn, Jared, Ben H., and Chris. The date card is some cryptic message that I didn't understand at all, but it means that Joe and JJ are going on the 2 on 1 date: one guy stays, one guy goes home.

The group date guy are dressed in their nice suits and ties and they have a fake funeral  for Kaitlyn's fake death. Lame. The guys all to give a fake eulogy for Kaitlyn, while she makes the worse dead person ever.

Tanner came up with an awesome poem. He knows he has no connection with Kaitlyn, he knows his days are numbered, but at least he's accepting it.  Really, they ALL came up something good. I liked this date. Well, other than the fact that Kaitlyn had to spend the whole time in a coffin. That was kind of creepy. 

Surprisingly, Jared got the rose. He got to spend extra time with Kaitlyn while the rest of the guys had to go home. And Shawn is upset AGAIN. He says that Kaitlyn had told him he was "the one." Huh? When did she say that? Maybe in your dreams, my friend! 

Meanwhile, Jared and Kaitlyn got a private concert by The Cranberries. Are they still a thing? It's got to be 20 years since I've heard any of their music. 

Shawn is still upset, and is going off on a behind the scenes crew member, saying he can't handle it anymore, he can't stand pouring his heart out and then her giving another guy a rose, he has to leave.

We seen Shawn going to her hotel room (thank goodness she didn't bring anyone back with her this time!), banging on her door, and saying he has to talk to her.

And Kaitlyn, bless her heart, thinks Shawn must have found out that she had had sex with Nick.

Girls who cheat, let this be  a lesson to you. It's too stressful, the guilt is to much. Love your man and be faithful!

What's going to happen? ANOTHER cliffhanger? Will Shawn leave? No way, she loves him! Will she admit that she had sex? Possibly! Can't wait until next week!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

bachelorette recap postponed until tomorrow!

No Bachelorette recap tonight, because I was getting my hair done and I missed the first hour. Come back tomorrow night!

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